Welcome to CdAG's website

Beautiful and useful.This is the prime objective of our creations.

Our family run workshop has been granting our customers' wishes
for more than 30 years
: classical, rustic, elegant, modern or innovative,
according to different styles and shapes that correspond to our great will
of experimentation

Need some examples? Within our virtual workshop we suggest you to take
a look at our refined half moon vases, our original rotatitng lamps, our
captivating flatware, without leaving out those patterns inspired by the local
rural tradition.

Each purchase will be accompained by a certification of authenticity,
attesting that each artifact has been entirely moulden and decorated by hand
by Gian Luigi and Raffaella Costa.

      Dishes and trays       Landscape dishes       Decorative platters

      Rotating lamps       Half moon vases             Plates

            Services             Bowls             Vases

            Gres             For children             Objects

             Animals              Christmas              Clocks